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Pretty Little Films starts with two people, Cheryl and Kai, who found a passion for capturing memories through a lens while travelling the world together.  We decided to leave the nine-to-five career lifestyle, sold all our possessions and bought one way tickets to Vietnam!  We travelled for over 2 years sharing our big advenuture on our online blog 'Bonnie Backpackers' and documented our travels through video.  We were able to capture memories that we will be able to look back on in 30 or 40 years and will no doubt still bring back waves of happiness and gratitude of how lucky we were to have had these experiences.

After travelling the world together we have grown as a couple, 6 months in a wee camper without killing one another has definitely been a testament to our relationship haha, and have come back home with a completely different outlook and attitude to life.  Travelling has opened up our eyes and has given us so much more inspiration and dreams to follow.  Just as travelling has been very humbling, it has also been unbelievably empowering, allowing us to realise we can do things that we would have once thought were impossible.  We took a jump into the unknown with our backpacks and each other and have surfaced with a lifetime of amazing and beautiful memories captured through our cameras.

We are a fun young couple with an eye for quirky and unique shots, who want to capture memories and create beautiful cinematic pieces of work.  We have invested in the latest cameras, equipment and editing suites, which will enable us to achieve the best footage possible that you will hopefully want to watch time and time again.

Here is a little bit about us both.

& Kai

We are 37 and 38 years old and have been together since 2012, after bumping into each other 10 years on after leaving high school!  Cheryl was just finishing her Nursing degree at university when we first met which shortly followed moving into our first home together in 2013.  Kai got down on one knee and popped the question on Christmas Eve 2013 in our first home with both our families there to share the special moment, which was just perfect.  We then booked our wedding for September 2015, but with the travel bug brewing inside us we made the decision to postpone and go travel the world together, which has been hands down the best decision of our lives and we haven't looked back once.  We left to go travelling in early 2015 with a one way ticket to Vietnam, our backpacks, a GoPro and iPads....that was it!  We travelled around Vietnam for 3 months then onto Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bali for 4 months.  


Throughout these countries we tried our best to stay off the beaten track and not follow the tourist trails, which meant we found ourselves in some beautiful and untouched paradises.  We then headed to New Zealand for just under a year where we built one of the most amazing wee campers that graced the roads.  Nessie was a labour of love and took us the length and breadth of New Zealand, spending 6 months exploring the North and South Islands. It was definitely the highlight of our travels.  We then bought our plane ticket over to Australia where we had to fall back into normal working life.  Kai worked for a Higher Education Company and Cheryl worked as a Nurse in Melbourne's Trauma Centre.  We stayed in Australia for 10 months before making the decision to return back home to Scotland to start our new and exciting venture together. 

Kai studied and gained his qualifications in TV Film Operation and Production back in 2006 and has many years experience in Television and Entertainment.  Cheryl has always been a creative and arty person and with many years experience of editing and filming, has found a passion to capture beautiful shots! We have found that with our skills and eye for detail, along with our individual styles, this all makes for producing amazing work that we are so very proud of.


Starting up 'Pretty Little Films' is a very important and exciting point in our lives together, as this marks the start of us following our dreams to start creating and sharing amazing videos with you all!

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